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PDF/A-1b produced by NITRO PDF is not compliant with ISO 19005-1

Raghavendra Prasad Laxman

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Raghavendra Prasad Laxman

We need to produce the PDF/A-1b documents for the long term archiving. Unfortunately, the PDF/A-1b produced by NitroPDF is not compliant with the ISO 19005-1. 

I verified the document with VeraPDF and Adobe acrobat. In both the cases, the document failed to show the compliance. 

VeraPDF identified the error in the metadata and fixed it. We can not work in two steps to produce PDF/A-1b document. 

Could you please let me know how to handle this issue. Are there some settings I am missing or Is this a bug in the software?

Best Regards,


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Raghavendra Prasad Laxman

The issue is that the when the PDF/A-1b is created directly with MS Word AddIn, the PDF document does not show compliance. 

If the PDF/A-1b is created using the application, the document shows incompliance to ISO 19005.

Another issues is when two PDF/A-1b documents are combined and converted to PDF/A-1b, the converted document does not show compliance. 

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