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Whiteout and Redaction Both Grayed Out

Hugh Haun

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Hello Nitro, just bought another Nitro license for PDF Pro. My Whiteout is grayed out (snap to grid is not checked). It was showing for a week, worked great and now it's grayed out. My mark for redaction allows me create a box around my target and then the apply is grayed out. Beyond this, when I open a PDF I should have each editable cell available to edit and this is also not happening. Three major problems keeping me from enjoying this software with key features needed to perform work. Please help, thank you.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Emily Murray

Tools can be grayed out if there's no open file or if the file is locked. To check the file's security settings, open it in Nitro, right-click on any part of the PDF page, and choose 'Document Properties.' The 'Security' tab will show what you can and cannot do with the file.

The 'Whiteout' tool might be disabled after a file is digitally signed. Digital signatures lock files to prevent editing and ensure they are unaltered after they are signed. It is recommended for edits to be made prior to signing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Marjeta Potočnik

Dear Leslie,

We're encountering issues with a particular PDF document. When my colleague opens it, most of the menus are grayed out. However, when I open the same PDF on my PC, everything works as expected. We've checked the security settings, and the document has No security. We attempted to repair her Nitro installation, but unfortunately, this did not resolve the issue. Other PDF documents work fine on her computer. We both have Nitro Pro Could you please advise us on how to proceed with this document to enable editing?

Best regards, Marjeta

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