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Generating Bookmarks with heading number in PDF from Word document

Andrew Klassen

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Andrew Klassen

I have tried a few different ways to generate bookmarks from word headings with the heading number in the bookmark reference. 

NOTE I cannot always use the native word utility to generate a PDF with bookmarks because it may include a lot of items that are not headings. 

If I export to pdf using the native word generation and then later edit the document with Nitro to autobuild bookmarks by selecting heading text it works well without numbers but selecting keep or add number generates a bookmark with the number and second bookmark with the text title below it. It doesn't generate a single bookmark with number and text.

If I use the nitro add-in in tab word to generate the pdf with headings for bookmarks it works pretty well. But it will generate a bookmark for heading level 4. I only want bookmarks for heading level 3 at most. I can't figure out how to configure the level. 

I don't see any other posts with this problem so I am unsure what I am doing wrong. 

Thanks for any help

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