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Cannot access latest serial #, purchased various versions with different emails

Ahmed Ouenes

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Ahmed Ouenes


Similar problem but much more complicated situation.

sent you a message directly to provide you with the information I cannot share in the forum but still waiting your feedback 



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Ahmed Ouenes
Posted (edited)


Bought many licenses of Nitro Pro in the past and cannot find the latest ones  that is sitting now in a dead computer that I cannot access

The last license I found was the one for Nitro 12 from 2018   license # 234**************   associated with email axxxxxs@gmail.com

Your system shows that I have a Nitro 12 license active (screen shot  sent by email ) 

However, I think I bought a newer version  last year and I think it was Nitro 14 but cannot find the license number or email associated with it 

It has to be with one of my companies emails (given in the email sent also )


That license is gone since the computer died without letting me deactivate it so I will appreciate your help with the following

1) need to know my latest license  because I am almost sure I had something else recently upgraded from Nitro 12 to something newer

2) Once you find it, please deactivate all the devices so I can install it in my new laptop with the new license you can send to my email 

If I do not have a new license, then please deactivate the Nitro 12 licenses and give me the link to download the latest Nitro 12 version






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Reymund Oyong

Greetings  @Ahmed Ouenes

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

Please note that the serial number 234**************  was purchased using your email address *******@fracgeo.com.
I checked further and I did find the version 14 license but a different email address was used to purchase the upgrade.

The details of the license were sent to you here via direct message. 
Please check on it including the steps on how you can activate using the serial number.

Kind regards, 

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