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Problem Combining PDF and Word Doc

Greg Wong

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Greg Wong

Hi All,

I'm doing a proof of concept for a client.. I'm trying to combine a word doc and a pdf to create a new pdf.. I'm currently using   Nitro Prol (just reinstalled). 

The client wants to combine a pdf and a word doc.. I created a simple pdf and a word doc that the the text "hi" in it.

The progress bar makes it about 75% of the way across and then it fails with "hi.docx" failed while being created as a PDF. Would you like to continue?

I've tried 2 separate doc files (both freshly created). 

What steps can I take to debug/resolve this problem? Would upgrading to 14 help?


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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Greg Wong

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I would like to know the exact steps you are taking (workflow) that can replicate the behavior on demand. 
Are the files (.pdf and .docx) that you would like to combine into a single PDF are being accessed from a local drive? Are you saving the output PDF file to a local drive as well?

For testing purposes, are you able to convert the .docx file to PDF using the following conversion method?

  • By right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer and then selecting 'Convert to PDF with Nitro PDF Pro'
  • By opening the .docx in Word and then printing it to PDF using the Nitro PDF Creator printer (File > Print > Select Nitro PDF Creator printer > Print. 

Can you share the Word file and PDF here so we can try your convert and combine workflow?

Kind regards,

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