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V14 uninstallation erro

Samuel Hewitt

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Samuel Hewitt

I have a license for V13 and have a new laptop which has downloaded v14 and now I cannot seem to get 14 off in order to get v13 back on to reactivate my account and this is causing me a nightmare. Please can you assist

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Samuel Hewitt

I recently have a new computer and as such redownloaded nitro but it downloaded v14 instead of v13 which I have the license for. I have run all the various uninstallation programs but whenever I try open V13 again it says I have a later version. My free trial is about to run out and I need this for work, please assist. 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Samuel Hewitt

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I understand that you cannot install Nitro PDF Pro 13 as the latest version is already installed on your computer.
Could you please check if you are seeing the Nitro PDF Pro 14 in your Programs and Features? This can be located when you access the Windows Control Panel and then open Programs and Features. 
It is likely that the latest version is still installed which is why you cannot install Nitro PDF Pro 13. When you see Nitro PDF Pro 14 in Programs and Features, select it and then click Uninstall (see sample screenshot below). 


Once uninstalled, please try installing Nitro PDF Pro 13 again.

Kind regards, 

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