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John Challoner

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John Challoner

Today I upgraded to version 14. Nitro Pro is my preferred pdf software, but I also have to use Acrobat. 

I do have a problem using the software, it existed on earlier versions after suddenly appearing, and I have not found a solution to fix it despite the support team trying to solve it a number of years ago. I was hoping the upgrade would fix it. I downloaded the software, activated it and then checked by opening a pdf file and the existing problem was there. I then uninstalled the software and carried out a regedit to remove all traces of nitro from my computer, then re-booted, re-installed and re-activated the software. I then checked to see if the problem was fixed, and unfortunately no, it still exists.

The problem - every time I open a Nitro document that is drawn at a pre-determined scale, when I physically measure a known dimension on the drawing on my computer screen using a scale ruler, the actual dimension is wrong. When I open the same drawing in Acrobat, the dimension is correct. In each case the page display is 100%. This happens with any scaled drawing.

To give an example, I draw a square in autocad at 1:50 scale and all four sides are 5000 mm long. I then print to pdf, save the file and open it in both Acrobat and Nitro. Using my scale rule, I measure one side of the square shown on my computer screen knowing that the dimension is 5000mm at a scale of 1:50. The measured dimension on screen in Acrobat is correct at 5000 mm, but it is incorrect in Nitro and is measured at 4400 mm. When I check this measured dimension of one side of the square using Nitro Review - Measure - Dimension, it is measured correctly at 5000 mm. When I print out the drawing in NItro, the scaled dimension is correct. 

Why do I have this problem, and how do I fix it ?


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