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I have nine ver 13 Nitro Pro license I would like to upgrade, can you tell please tell me how to do this. Thanks

Arnold Prades

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Arnold Prades

Here are my licenses.  Can we also take advantage of the 20% off if we purchase prior to Aug 31 2023?  Thanks

5049***********000 (this seems to be an incorrect license number, anyway to find out the correct license no. from the installed software if it's showing 50496XXXXXXX)

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Reymund Oyong
Posted (edited)

Greetings @Arnold Prades

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I have made the necessary adjustments to ensure that you can proceed with upgrading your existing license to version 14 through the Upgrade Portal.
Please access our Upgrade Page and then try to upgrade your serial number, this should give you a discounted upgrade price. 

As per the first serial number, please replace the three zeros with 621 to make it a valid license - 5049***********621

Kind regards,

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Arnold Prades
Posted (edited)

Hi @Reymund Oyong

Thanks for the information you provided above.  I did what you instructed.  I was able to successfully upgrade the first serial number (in bold) on the list but the rest (italics) when I try to upgrade them via the UPGRADE PORTAL, it returns "Thank you for your submission. This Nitro PDF Pro serial has already been upgraded and you are currently operating on our most recent version, Nitro PDF Pro 14."


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