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Corrupt PDF files and lacking support

Daniel Roque

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Daniel Roque

Why is it impossible to contact a human being that works for this company? No emails, no phonenumbers, chat is a bot that doesn't do anything usefull other than simply linking to the Support page. This is frustrating! People complaining about similar issues in the Community Center and no one answers. And now I am here... because I got nowhere else to go asking for help.

Issue at hand. A colleague of my was working on various documents (over 20) in Nitro PRO PDF ( and about 10% end up corrupt and cannot be opened by anything. A client of ours point it out unfortunately when we send the documents to them believing they were all fine. 

"PDF could not be opened because it's an unsupported file type or has been damaged". How can this happen to a percentage of documents? Why not simply all of them? All of the documents have been treated the same.

I know details are lacking, but I believe it is better to give me list of questions first so I can answer them in one go. Thanks in advance.

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