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Moving to new Computer and want to move Nitro Pro licence

Andrew Hudson

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I upgraded via Cleverbridge on 24 November 2020 and was told that I would receive the serial number separately from you.  I cannot find this email.  The old copy has the start of the serial number (starting 504940'in the 'About screen" but then is redacted with XXXXXXXXXXXX. 

There is an option to Deactivate the software, but it does not explain whether this will expose the complete serial number or simply erase it when deactivating the application.  Can you explain how I can move the software licence to my new machine.  I do have the invoice from CleverBridge which I can upload or send to you by email.   I assume uploading the invoice here would be insecure so have not done so at the moment.

I have tried to raise a Support Ticket, but to do so requires my Application Serial Number, which of course is the reason for the Support Ticket, the website keeps asking for this information and is apparently in an endless loop!!

Thank you


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