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No option to send document for signature?


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I forgot to ask in my other thread, but when I open Nitro Cloud and go to send a document away with a signature request I'm not given the option to actually send it, it's just letting me save it? I drag the signature box onto the document and everything but it just says "save changes". I thought I did it this way before?

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Hi B, 

Thanks for posting on the Nitro forums.

It sounds like you need to add a signer to your document. By default the signer profile will be your own one and as such Nitro Cloud won't give the option to mail out a signature request to the inbox associated with the Cloud account it's being sent from.

When preparing your document in Nitro Cloud you will see "Add Signer" in the top left corner. Go ahead and click this, entering the relevant information for the person you want to sent it to. When you add the signature field from this account to your document, the button in the bottom right hand corner will change from "save changes" to "continue" and you will be able to proceed as normal, sending out your document and CC'ing other relevant contacts.

I hope this answers your question. 


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