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Nitro Pro 13 works for 2-3 days then stops opening

Jeanne Larson

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Jeanne Larson

Hello -   I have been having issues with NitroPro 13 ever since I got a new laptop.   I got NitroPro installed ok and it worked for a little while.   Some days, I try to start the programy it refuses to open.   I have to go Windows settings - apps and do a repair of the program.  It takes some time, but completes the task.  I then have to shut down the computer.  Once I start it again, Nitro Pro works for about 3 days.  Then, I have to repeat the process again and again.

I even uninstalled it a week or so ago and reinstalled it.   Same problem.  It just won't open until I run the modify NitroPro from the apps program in settings.

What can I do to fix this?!?


Jeanne Larson


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