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Update from Version 13 to 14 don't work

Marcel Duemig

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Marcel Duemig

Hi Nitro Team,

i want to Update from Version 13 to  the latest. My License number don't work on your website.

How can i Upgrade?

Thanks for your answer,



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Eduardo Lopez

Hi, I bought Nitro Pro Version 13 on 04/30/2021.  In addition I pay an annual fee for Product Updates unlimited. I haven't been able to upgrade to version 14.  Can you help me please? Thank you

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Aung Thaw Hein

Dear Sir,

I bought Nitro Pro 13 on Jun 13, 2022 with unlimited product updates within 1 year from date of purchase. and now i found new version 14 on website. Can you kindly check to which version i am able to upgrade or updates? Thanks

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