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Nitro 14 now forcing login?

Mike Padgett

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We have several users with Nitro versions 12, 13, & 14. A couple of users on v14 are reporting that they are being prompted to login now. Skipping the login only allows Reader mode for Nitro, no option on the help tab to activate. For one of those affected, I reinstalled Nitro 14 again and activated it successfully. Everything working normally. About 2 weeks later the same login prompt appears and it's back in Reader mode. Checked the license key status on the licensing portal and it shows 0 activations. Is a Nitro login now required for v14?

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Hello @Mike Padgett

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

It appears that there may be a background process installing an incorrect version of Nitro. We kindly request you to review your system for any settings or processes that might be updating from a Nitro downloads page and installing versions that override the current one. Nitro does not have an auto-update feature. Updates need to be installed and done manually.

It's important to note that the version requesting the Nitro Pro serial number is a distinct build or version. This version operates in Reader mode when not logged in and activated. The correct version you should have is the one that enters Expired Trial mode if it is not activated.

I look forward to your response.

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Our software patching service, Endpoint Central, was installing the update to the software.

Prior to your response I did uninstall and reinstall 14 on one of the affected machines. The installer was pulled from this page: https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/downloads

When using this installer, it is version, but it also prompts for the activation key after launching the first time. I activated it and everything was working. A few days later it reverted back to the login prompt and the activation of the key no longer reflected in the licensing portal (https://licenses.gonitro.com/prd/portal)

I have reinstalled it using the trial version download link that was included in the email with the keys. This version is

Does this mean that Nitro can never be updated past that version?

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The other issue I forgot to mention. One of our users reported that when using v14, whenever they open a PDF with Nitro, two folders are created in the folder the PDF originated from; DawnCache and GPUcache.
Any idea what that is?

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