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Move Settings like ribbon bar etc. from old pc to new pc

Todd Ripper

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I had a catastrophic PC Failure and I had to reinstall windows

Is it possible to get the settings (ribbon bar modifications, signature, etc.) from my old PC image backup?

If so please explain how, Thank you in advance, Todd


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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Todd Ripper

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

We have a KB article about transferring customized objects like Stamps, Watermarks, Quicksign Signatures, and more from one machine to another. Please refer to the link below: 

For QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) and added tools in the Ribbon bar, you may export a backup of their registry and then import it on your new computer. Please do this if you are comfortable working with Windows Registry, if not, I recommend recreating them manually on the new machine. 

QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) is saved here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Nitro\Pro\13\Settings\QAT

Added tools in the Ribbon bar are saved here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Nitro\Pro\13\Settings\Tools

Kind regards, 



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