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Nitro Pro 14 - Installed Fonts Not Working (Windows 11)

Enrique Ferrer Lopez

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Enrique Ferrer Lopez

I am in the process of evaluating Nitro Pro. I have downloaded the latest version available from Nitro portal

Before installing NitroPro I installed in my computer some fonts using Adobe Creative Cloud. These fonts can be seen using Windows Settings and also get listed in every other installed application that uses fonts (Word, PowerPoint...).

I cannot select the fonts when editing a PDF with Nitro PDF Pro. These do not appear in the Font selection dropdown list.

Funny enough, if I edit a document with MS-Word using those fonts and print it using Nitro Pro PDF printer, the font information is correctly inserted in the resulting PDF. Editing that PDF file with Nitro Pro will show text with the right font in the editor .... but still I will not be able to select that font when editing or adding text to that PDF.

I have seen other members asking this same question to not avail, but I want to try how good is your support.

Is this a Bug? A configuration issue? A feature?

How can I keep evaluating Nitro Pro?

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