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Frequent crashing when adding review annotations

John Enright

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I'm using the (licensed) Nitro Pro ( and I'm getting frequent crashes when adding review annotations (notes, highlights, callouts, etc) to a document.

  • This happens on almost a daily basis over the last few weeks.
  • It happens on a variety of documents
  • Most of the affected documents are fairly short (maybe a dozen pages); document size varies (a few hundred kB to a few MB)
  • Most of the time I submit the crash reports.
  • The autorecovery has prevented catastrophic losses, but there's usually a few annotations that get lost.

This lack of stability is really affecting my confidence in this software. I was hoping for a viable Acrobat alternative, but so far, I'd find this hard to recommend.

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I am having same issue and been this way for months.  submitted crash reports but it is of no value to me.

I thot might be due to stamping on or signing the PDF on the cloud but that was not the case,  copy and paste within notebook to use Nitro, same case, whenever stamping or trying to sign that doc, Nitro just shuts down.

this only happens when I'm outside of my office (not using the fiber optics to serve the internet).  ie. when I'm in office, this is not an issue and all operates normally.  It is only appearing whenever I'm mobile and accessing internet out of office , Nitro will act funny, shutting down ALL THE TIME when used.  Pls help other Nitro is of no use to me outside of office environment.   Searching for solutions here provided NO clue (other than reset, which I had done recently) but of NO use either


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system lock me out while typing
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