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Clipboard does not update with latest copied item

Noah Braget

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Hello everyone! I have been using Nitro PDF for a couple of years now and have had a random but recurring problem. Sometimes when I try to copy and paste either from a PDF itself, or elsewhere on my computer, when I paste into the PDF, it uses the image/text that I had copy and pasted earlier within the PDF. Sometimes if I save the file and close Nitro then reopen, I am able to then copy and paste other items. 

Am I needing to do something special to clear my clipboard so I can copy and paste new items?


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Adrian Van Dongen

I am having the same problem and hoping someone from Nitro can confirm that this is intended.

Nitro once you copy something from inside Nitro, will no longer use the Windows Clipboard to copy info, until you shut the program down and start again.

It is like Nitro has its own clipboard that once used will ignore the Windows Clipboard.  Would love to be able to turn this behaviour off.  Lately has been getting to the point I am looking for alternatives to Nitro as it hampers our work so much to continually shut the program down and restart each time we want to use the windows clipboard.

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