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Open and Save As to Sharepoint not working (Nitro 14)

Gerard G

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Yesterday we upgraded to Nitro 14 (we used 11 before) and users are complaining about the Sharepoint integration box that pops up when opening en saving PDF's from Sharepoint. 

This is a major issue because users are prompted every single time. I looked in the Support forum and saw that this is an issue starting with Nitro 12. Furthermore, there is apparently no way to turn this off? 

Please make this an option to turn this off completely! Users do not want to be bothered with checkin/checkout of PDF's. Is there an option already to turn this off? I tried the settings under DMS but to no avail.  


Kind regards



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Yesterday we upgraded to Nitro 14. We noticed that Open and "Save as" not working correctly when trying to use a Sharepoint site. 


- Open a PDF from a Sharepoint site

- make a modification

- Click Save As and click on the "Recent folder item" pointing towards the Sharepoint site

- Notice nothing happening. I suspect the file explorer should be openend. If I click on the location underneath (G:\Desktop) the Windows File explorer is opening. 

- In Nitro 11 (our previous version) this did work, but now it is not working anymore.


Same issue is also present when using the "Open" feature and go towards the Sharepoint site location.



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