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Error code: 0x40000003 Cannot save a document after redactions

Joshua Brown

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I am receiving the following error after attempting to save a PDF document opened from a mapped drive share and also having redactions applied

Error: The document O:\%document_path\%document%.pdf could not be saved. Please contact Nitro Support for assistance. Error code: 0x40000003


  1. I reviewed other articles showing information about preview lock and network share locking by other users. 
    1. preview is not in use here, 
    2. the file was not being accessed by other users
    3. Not showing any errors with Windows in event logs 
  2. Troubleshooting notes, so far 
    1. Completed repair installation of the application
    2. Confirmed good permissions on the mapped share drive, 
    3. many other files in that same network location are processed without issue whatsoever and on a consistent basis.  
    4. There is no easily recognizable difference between the PDF files that work all the time and the one that one or two that do not every month 
    5. Enabled application log in hopes of identifying the root cause at the next occurrence

Generic system information is available on request. 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Joshua Brown

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I have encountered this error message before, and it is due to the file being locked by the Preview Pane in Windows File Explorer, but since Preview Pane is not enabled, you may try checking which process holds the file using the Resource Monitor app of Windows.

I am sharing with you the steps below for reference: 

1. Using Windows Search, search for the Resource Monitor and then open it.
2. In the Resource Monitor application, you will see a Search Handles Field under Associated Handles.
3. Type the filename of the PDF file in the Search Handles Field and then search for it. This will start to search for the application that is currently holding/using the file.

Please check the below screenshot where I preview the AppleScripts_NitroPDFPro.pdf file in Windows Explorer (Nitro PDF Pro is not in use)
Searching for the AppleScripts_NitroPDFPro or AppleScripts in the Resource Monitor helped me find which process is using the file. In this case, it is the Explorer.exe as it is previewing the PDF File. 


Kind regards, 

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Thank you @Reymund Oyong


So when this happens it seems -as I process your instruction- that a workaround to save the file is in order each time; by restarting the explorer.exe process to release handles and then proceed with saving the file? 

Is AppleScripts_NitroPDFPro or AppleScripts a required file? Would deleting it solve the issue for good? 

Is Nitro aware of the issue and planning to solve it in a future release? 

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Joshua Brown

The AppleScripts_NitroPDFPro is the file name of the document I used as an example to check which process in Windows currently holds that file. 

I previewed that document in Windows File Explorer (window on the right screenshot) and used the Resource Monitor (window on the left screenshot) to confirm that Windows Explorer holds the file. 
In this scenario, ensure that Windows File Explorer is not previewing the file when editing and saving the document in Nitro PDF Pro. 

When you receive the 0x40000003 in Nitro PDF Pro, try to check in the Resource Monitor to see if other services are accessing the file. 

Kind regards, 

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