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Custom Calculation script doesn't work after save

Sihwan Yoon

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Dear Everyone,


Could you help me to find out why some Javascript doesn't work correctly?

I have 1 combo box and 2 text fields.

Combo box 1 : "Tarff"
Text Fields 1 : "Tariff Description"
Text Fields 2 : "Price"

If i choose some value in Combo box, It'll autofill Text fields 1.
E.g.) Choose Combo box 1 value "50" / Text Fields 1  will be changed to "SALES"
Customer Calculation Script)
var Tariff = this.getField("Tariff").value;
if (Tariff=="50") event.value = "SALES"
else event.value = ""

And Text Fields 2 is going to change based on Text Fields 2 value,
E.g.) Text Fields 1 changed to "SALES" / Text Fields 2 will be changed to "10"
Customer Calculation Script)
var Tariff_Desc = this.getField("Tariff Description").value;
if (Tariff_Desc=="SALES") event.value = 10
else event.value = ""

All actions are processed in Nitro PRO, but those haven't processed in Acrobat reader after saving...
Please help me solve this problem

Thanks in advance

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