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Javascript Curiosity

Ken Russ

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Hi Peoples

I am new to the whole javascript thing and have a rather interesting problem happening.

I am trying to get Java to fill in a form field with todays date when it opens. 

I have created the script below from another help question, <https://community.gonitro.com/topic/139-current-date-in-a-form , which sort of works. What I am after is when the form opens in the top field java will put Created on: Todaysdate.

The code I have is 

var today = new Date();

event.value = util.printd ("Created on" dd mmm, yyyy", today);

This works great, it puts in the date correctly but for some reason it puts Creaaed on: 29 November, 2023.

If I change the word created to another word, it uses the word I put in there.

Is the word created a reserved word, if so how do I get around this.

I have tried putting this code in another field with exactly the same outcome.


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