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Help on SSO for Nitro Desktop App

Ampere Jan Salvo

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Ampere Jan Salvo


Need your help to figure out why it's not letting us login successfully on the Nitro Desktop App.

SSO has been configured successfully and users can login to the web through SSO.

But when logging in to the Nitro Desktop App it says "An SSO error occurred (missing registration details). Please contact your administrator".


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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Ampere Jan Salvo

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I understand that you are receiving an error message when logging in to the Nitro PDF Pro application via SSO. 
Could you please confirm if Azure is your SSO provider? 

If so, this error message indicates one of the user attributes is not being received by Nitro. If this error message occurs to all of your users, please check on your end and confirm your system is sending/populating all of the attributes. If a field is not populated, such as user.surname, this will cause the error.

The specific attributes used are:

Givenname - user.givenname
Surname - user.surname
Emailaddress - user.mail
Name - user.userprincipalname
Unique User Identifier - user.userprincipalname

Please check these attributes on your Azure. 

Kind regards, 

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