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Fillable form created in Adobe Designer 6.5 Not Interpreted Correctly

Corey Trentham

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Corey Trentham

I recently recommended Nitro Pro 14 to a client who purchased a new computer when their old copy of Acrobat Pro would no longer activate on a new system.  All had been well until this morning when the user tried to use a fillable form provided by one of their vendors.  At first glance, when opened, it doesn't appear that anything is wrong, but then you see the first field has it's label text to the left in white instead of blue like the others and when you type in the form field the text entered is white which makes it appear invisible.  When further attempting to fill in the form once you fill in any additional fields the label text changes from blue to white in addition to also not being able to see the text in the box.  I can't say if there is additional aberrant behavior beyond this, but wanted to post this in hopes of a resolution so my client doesn't start souring on your product after 2 weeks of use.

I do have the file and can provide it upon request for you to review.

Thank you.

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