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Nitro pro (PDF Productivity) not displaying drawing objects correctly

Global IT Admin

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Global IT Admin

I represent an Netlink, an MSP. We support Nitro Pro for licensed Nitro Pro users at Aboriginal United Services (AUS Holdings).

Same issue on Nitro Pro version or

Rapid Plan drawings exported to PDF and opened with Nitro Pro show some drawing objects as outlines instead of filled in boxes.

Example is showing issue. Vertical boxes are just outlines (not filled in) when opened with Nitro Pro - File opened with Nitro Pro.png

Same file opened with Edge or Acrobat reader shows same boxes filled in - https://netlinkgroup-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/tkeztyus_netlinkgroup_com_au/ESlp-gYbaG5KkWYsGGB_6gUBhBAPibiHyct-tTSyXEPBwg?e=UvX4nd

Issue effecting all Nitro Pro licensed users.

No issues with displaying Rapid Plan drawings on Acrobat or in browser. Drawing showing correctly if viewed online on Nitro Pro.

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