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Re-activation Help Required

Nadine Brink

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Sandra Ollier

@Leslie V I too am having the exact same issue:

I purchased Nitro a while back and paid in full the "one time fee".  I just got a new computer this past week and now it won't let me download Nitro and it is saying, We were unable to validate your serial number. Please ensure you entered it correctly. If you believe you are eligible for an upgrade, please leave a post on our Community Forum and update us with your issue  whenever I enter my serial number.  I am frustrated because it appears I am going to have to repurchase nitro for another "one time fee"  and I just wont be able to do that.

Thank you,


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  • Official Nitronaut
Leslie V

Hello @Sandra Ollier

I sent you a direct message with your serial number.

To upgrade to version 14, please proceed to the following web page,


Enter your serial number and follow the prompts to receive a new Nitro Pro 14 serial key and installation files.

Hope that helps!

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