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Nitro Pro 12 Crashed a Week ago - Nitro Support Team ignored my - HELP

Helen Sugich

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Last Tuesday, my Nitro Pro crashed and will not open any file.  The app opens and stays white but the document content does not open.

I have sent and email to the Support Team and they responded finally on Friday 12/15 asking details to help.  I have provided all information requested and even more but they have yet to respond back. 

I was thinking I needed to upload the newer version for Windows but when I go to Upgrade section and type in my serial number it shows a message stating "We were unable to validate your serial number. Please ensure you entered it correctly. If you believe you are eligible for an upgrade, please leave a post on our Community Forum and update us with your issue."  I do not know what I need to do here to have the Nitro Software work again.  So here I am asking for help again, hopefully this issue gets fixed very soon as a week has gone by with NO Support...


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Note: Already have a support ticket.
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