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Convert files (HTML) to PDF

Shane Mecham

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Using the menu, create PDF from file, I can select the roughly 2000 HTML files for processing.  In the settings, I select options for Folder location (specific Folder) and Make PDF files (print ready).  I also check the box to use PDF/A-1b compliance.  Then start the process.  The files are created in the destination, but they do not appear to have the PDF/A settings applied to them.  When I open the file, there is no indication that the PDF/A settings are set.  

If I use a batch processing step to convert the PDF files to PDF/A files, I can then see the settings being applied correctly.  Given the UI indicates this is supposed to work, are there steps I need to take to complete this activity in 1 process, or are 2 steps required to complete this?  

Appreciate any insight

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