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Batch OCR Should Skip Searchable PDFs Automatically

Stephen Yanusz

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Stephen Yanusz

I've used PDFPen Pro for some time to make PDFs searchable, but had struggled with Mac Folder Actions.  So when I saw that you could batch-OCR files with NitroPDF Pro, I was excited.

While the function works well, it keeps stopping to ask me if I want to OCR files that already contain searchable text.  The options are risk errors, or cancel.  The feature would be significantly improved by offering a third option: automatically skip files that are already searchable.

I'm working with thousands of files, and don't have an easy way to determine which files have already been processed via OCR, so I'm at a standstill without this feature.  If there is some way to accomplish the same, (OCR processing list of files, some of which may already be searchable), I'd love to hear about it!

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