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Numbers converting to symbols when printing (NO SUPPORT)


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I have a document in Word that I wish to convert to PDF using Nitro Pro. This document contains numbers. When I convert it, the numbers appear as symbols in the PDF.

Most numbers appear as "@" -- however, a few appear as a fleur-de-lys.

I am using Palatino Linotype in Word, which is a font included with MS-Office. However, this issue has occurred previously with other fonts.

I have tried checking "embed font in document" in Word's options menu, but the result is the same. (As an aside, it would be very inconvenient to have to embed common system fonts in Word documents every time I need to convert them to PDF; I sincerely hope that is not the issue.)

I am using Nitro Pro version

This is obviously a mission-critical failure in Nitro Pro -- I cannot have client-ready documents going out with a flaw like this.

I am also upset that NitroPro apparently has no way to submit a tech support ticket by e-mail and forces all tech support questions to be posted in a public forum. I can't provide a sample PDF document in a public forum because the content is confidential. I have tried searching the knowledge database but have obtained no relevant hits.

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