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Very old Nitro activation question/alternate

Monique Huurman

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Monique Huurman

Hello:  Reading through the various activations issues, it seems that my version of Nitro is obsolete (Nitro Pro 9) and there is nothing I can do to active it (I totally get that as I work at a retail store that deals with electronics). 

We are a very small business, and the license still shows as having 2 available activations. On a previous thread, it was mentioned that a version of Nitro 12 might be an alternative if purchasing the newer versions is not a viable option (at this time).

Is there such a version available? I love my Nitro and would hate to be told I can no longer use it because of cost - I don't have the buying power or authorization. 

Please advise. 




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Monique Huurman

This topic is now irrelevant as we have purchased the latest version but I am now searching for editing topics. Thanks

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