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Can't install OCR Language Packages for Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukranian.

Alex Val

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I just upgraded from Nitro Pro 13 to Nitro Pro 14 (I suppose it is the Business version but I am not 100% sure since this information does not appear in the About tab) and followed the Advanced Installation Guide to install additional OCR language packages. I went to https://www.gonitro.com/installers/business/v14/msi/download and followed the instructions: 

Each additional OCR language package should be installed on top of the existing Nitro PDF Pro installation.
They are version specific. To install: 
1. Download the OCR installer that corresponds with the Nitro PDF Pro version:
o Business Installers: https://www.gonitro.com/installers/business/v14/msi/download 
o Enterprise Installers: https://www.gonitro.com/installers/enterprise/v14/msi/download
Since OCR language packages are version specific, it is recommended that when upgrading Nitro PDF Pro, the corresponding OCR packages are upgraded to the same version as well.  
2. From File Explorer, right-click on the downloaded OCR installer file (.exe) and choose “Run as Administrator”. 
After installing, the user can select the OCR language recognition by going to File > Preferences > OCR > select the installed language from the dropdown under “Languages”. 

I already downloaded and tried to install both versions of each language package installer but they do not work. After installation, they do not appear in the "Languages" section. Not even in the example picture in the advanced manual they do. 

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Nitro, restarted the computer countless times and tried to install these .exe files with unzipping them, tried to copy their content files to Nitro's installation folder, etc... but nothing works. There are no Japanese OCR options that would appear in File > Preferences > OCR > Language.

All what the .exe files do, is just to open and close immediately. I am running Windows 10 64bit with Nitro Pro For support, I have tried to ask the AI chatbot, find something in the manual and knowledgebase, but nothing mentions this. And to be honest, I am kind of disappointed that no Contact info from the developers is available and that the only option we have is to ask in a forum. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

Thank you.

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