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Image Copy to Clipboard Failed

Martin Widler

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Martin Widler



in some PDFs, i cannot extract an image.

Right-click and choosing "copy image" results in an error window "copy to clipboard failed".

Right-click and choosing "extract image.." results in no error. But it does not save the picture.
This is even more annoying, as it Nitro doesn't tell you, that there is something wrong!!
So you work through a whole pdf thinking Nitro extracts the pictures you needed. And in the end you realize that a lot of time was wasted, 'cause no picture were saved, damn :-((((

Nitro Pro

How can I attach an example PDF file?




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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Martin Widler

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

I understand you are experiencing an issue extracting an image in the document using Nitro PDF Pro.
Does the issue persist when you restart Nitro PDF Pro and reopen the file to extract the image? 
Also, is this issue happening to all the PDFs that have images?

I tried your workflow, but I could not reproduce the issue on my Nitro PDF Pro. 
Could you please try the Extract Images tool under the Convert tab? As you click this tool, you can choose the page containing an image, which will extract it to the assigned Output folder. 


Kind regards, 


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Martin Widler

Thanks for your answer Reymund.

Nitro shows this behaviour only with some PDFs. With other PDF files, both the clipboard, and the "save as" variant works

I have sent you 2 example files, where the images cannot be extracted as mentioned above.


Using the Extract Images tool under the Convert tab works and all images from the PDF page are saved to disk.

However, this would not be a handy substitution compared to picking the needed images direct from the pdf page while browsing through the PDF

Best regards,

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