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Incorrect icon? Chrome shows for the icon, not the Nitro icon??

L Ingber

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I have tried multiple times to Modify (next to Uninstall) Nitropdf.  The icon of PDFs is incorrect.  Instead, I see the Chrome icon??  This can confuse a User, mistaking the file for an html file.

The icon for Nitro is correct.  However, all PDFs produced by Nitro are incorrect in that they do NOT have this icon?  (The wavy line are due to my Bing desktop.)  I will send the Screenshot when I get a reply, since there is not a "URL".

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @L Ingber

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

Could you please confirm if Nitro PDF Pro is set as your default PDF viewer? 
In Windows, files should use the icon of the default application. 

You may try the following and see if there is a change in the icon of PDFs:

1. In Windows Explorer, right-click a PDF file then select Properties. 
2. Under General tab, click the Change button under Opens with. 
3. Select Nitro PDF Pro in the list of application and click Ok. 
4. Click Apply under General tab then Ok. 

The steps above will make Nitro PDF Pro as the default PDF viewer and the PDF files should chance its icon to Nitro PDF Pro. 

Kind regards,

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L Ingber

Yes, it is our default.  We have used Manage (instead of Install) previously to fix this; it seems we have to reboot twice for this to work!

We can't get an answer to how to use NitroPDF on our phones?  We recall there was a Chrome shortcut that works fine; what is that shortcut?



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