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Question about Nitro email (Warning: Critical Nitro Security Updates Missing)

Louis Kahn

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Louis Kahn

Received the above titled email today, wherein the company advises there are serious and worrying security concerns regarding their older software. I use NitroPro v12.

It is offering a "free, one-year  Nitro Pro subscription".

I have many questions:

1. What are these security concerns, and can they be solved with a patch vs. upgrading?

2. If I accept the "free, one-year  Nitro Pro subscription" will I then be required to pay for a new subscription every year, or risk losing access to the software? I prefer one time purchases and do not do software as a subscription service".

3. Is there a one-time purchase/ugrade to a version that is not riddles with security problems? Which is the last safe version? Is it 13, 14, what?

thanks in advance,



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Louis Kahn

The message I received from you says 'URGENT ACTION NEEDED".
Why won't one of you approve my posting AND respond, please.

Louis Kahn

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  • Official Nitronaut
Reymund Oyong

Greetings @Louis Kahn

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums! We apologize for the delay in responding to your post. 

To know more about the Security Updates and affected versions, please refer to the link below: 

I also recommend checking our Product Sunset Policy page, which answers most questions about Product Updates: https://www.gonitro.com/legal/sunset-policy

Regarding the free 1-year Nitro Pro subscription, this gives you access to the latest version of Nitro PDF Pro for Windows, Mac, and iOS. 
Once in the shopping cart, it will still ask for credit card details, but the total price should be $0.00. The credit card details will be used if you opt to renew the subscription after 1 year. You can disable the Automatic renewal anytime through the 'Manage your subscription for "Nitro Pro" link in the invoice receipt you will receive after completing the shopping cart. 

If you prefer the one-time payment purchase/upgrade, you may upgrade your version 12 license through our Upgrade page located here: https://www.gonitro.com/support/upgrade 
The license upgrade will issue a Nitro PDF Pro 14 license, currently the latest version. 

Kind regards, 

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Louis Kahn

And if I don't want to upgrade to v14 now, what are my options?

Because I am only using one of my two v12 authorizations, and would like to activate the other.

However, I have read that is not possible now b/c the v12 servers are offline and so it cannot be activated. Is that true? If so how? I understand if you want to end support on an older version, but that should not mean we can't still use it (e.g., activate a valid, paid for license).

However, I have also seen your CS tell people with v11 to d/l and install v12 lately, which would suggest you CAN still activate v12.

Please advise which is accurate.

If you will not allow us to activate a valid v12, will you allow our license to be used with a v13 download?


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