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William Blattner

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William Blattner

I was setting up a new computer and tried to activate my Nitro 11 subscription.  The web page is a disaster as I kept getting into an endless feedback loop where my license was found but unable to be activated.  I tried the "new sale" option but was kicked out because my business gmail account was not acceptable as a real business.  You should fix that!!  Lots of small businesses use gmail accounts.  Finally I requested a refund that led to a quick call from a real person.  Only then did I learn that my Nitro 11 was no longer supported but I could do an upgrade as my old version was eligible for a discounted upgrade.  It would not seem that difficult for the company website to flag the product license that they found with a simple message that the user needed to take advantage of a discounted upgrade.  For a tech company your website is a disaster.  Fortunately I was persistent since I like the product and have used it for many year. 

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Reymund Oyong

Greetings @William Blattner

Thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums!

Thank you for this feedback. We will make sure to note and forward it to the proper channel.
Lastly, thank you for your interest in upgrading your license to the latest version. 

Kind regards, 

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