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would buy, except -- can't save to OneDrive ???

Mike Williams

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Mike Williams

I've read other posts about this problem, with Google Drive, etc, and see no fix.  When I use the MS Word add-in to create a PDF, it only allows saving to a local drive, and most easily, the desktop.  I've checked the security settings on the locations, and on the add-in, and permissions are not the problem.   We're currently using Foxit, and for various reasons Nitro seems to be a significant improvement, except for this.  It would seem to be an issue with lots of folks, so I'm surprised.  My trial with the program expired, and I'm not about to buy it just to get support for an unfixable problem.  Is this it?  The only way to use this cool set of tools to save creations is to save them to the desktop, and then move them??? 

error message: 

You don't have permission to save in this location.

Would you like to choose another location?

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