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Word styles as navigation bookmarks


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In the acrobat addin for word there is a preferences option for boomarks to set which styles in word are used to create navigation bookmarks in the pdf.  You can select the style and also set the outline level for the style.  I use this feature extensively as we have many headings in our document that do not use the word default heading styles. 

I've found the checkbox for using Word Headings as bookmarks BUT as we don't use these styles nothing appears in the final document. My current regime for acrobat uses the following style preference for bookmark navigation


21P Heading (Word outline level 1 (acrobat level 2))

21Px Heading (Word Outline level 2 (acrobat level 3))

21Pxx Heading (Word Outline level 3 (acrobat level 4))

repeat as above for  21S


Title ( Word Outline level 1 (acrobat outline level 1))

Caption (word outline bodytext (acrobat level 6))

TOC Heading (Word outline Level 1 (Acrobat Level 2))

TOF Heading (Word outline level 1 (Acrobat Level 2))


I've been unable to find the same feature in Nitro 11.  Does it exist?  If not I'd consider that a fail and that I've wasted my money.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello freeflow,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

We have a very similar feature called the Auto Build Bookmarks. This is discussed on the following webpage:


If you have other questions or if you need immediate help with a specific file, you can log a ticket using the following link.


I hope this helps!

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Dear Leslie

I missed a critical point in my previous post.  The facility I'm using in Acrobat is the Page Maker add in for word.  The preferences option allows you to set which styles are converted to headings.  Some of the styles I want to convert are not Headings.  The facility to which you linked does not set preferences for converting Word documents to PDF.  Instead, it allows you to add bookmarks to an exisitng PDF.

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