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Split single document view


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Is it possible to view a single document in two split horizontal windows- such that, e.g., a reference shown in top window remains stationery (or can also scroll) while the bottom window is used to scroll elsewhere in the same document?  Similar to an MS Word document?

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Steven Zakulec

You can sort of do this using horizontal tab groups- but you'll need to have make a copy of the document because Nitro won't let you open the same document twice.

Open both documents, and then right click on either tab and choose New horizontal tab group.

You'll have two windows and you can scroll through them independently.

If your version of Nitro includes multiple-window mode (you need to talk with support to find this out), that's also an option.

Another thing you could try is using Compare mode with both of your documents.

If none of these are what you are looking for, you can always contact support-https://www.gonitro.com/support/ticket and ask them to see if there's another option that would work better for you.

If any of these answered your question, please click the green checkmark.

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