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Sara M

Insert Picture into Form

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Sara M

I'm building a form and the client wants to be able to insert a picture into the PDF from a file.  I thought perhaps the button tool would do this, but I can't figure out how to make it work!  Any ideas?

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Steven Zakulec

It looks like the answer involves some Javascript.

It can be done using a button.

Make your button or go to an existing button.

Go to properties for the button.

Make sure under Options you are set to either Icon only or one of the other options with Icon.  Otherwise you won't see whatever picture you choose.

Under Actions, you want the Trigger to be Mouse Up, and the action to be Run a Javascript.

Paste this into the window that pops up: event.target.buttonImportIcon();

Click OK, then click Close.

Go to the Home tab and click on the hand, then click on your button.

A file dialogue will pop up- the import window defaults to showing PDFs only, but you can change that by clicking where it says PDF Files (*.pdf) and choosing a different option from the drop down.

Double click on your file and you'll see the file on the button.

If this isn't what you're looking for exactly, you'll probably want to search online for it, and use the Javascript suggested.

Good luck!




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