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Cross Out line thickness

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Hi, I have been trying to log a support ticket for the past month but am having no success, our Account manager is also having no success in raising this issue for us because we haven't heard back from him either.


Hi, a user has reported that when using cross out (Review > Cross Out) they are unable to change the line thickness.

I have replicated this on my PC.

Within a PDF if you use the cross out feature then click on the crossed out text you get access to two new ribbons Properties and Alignment.  On the Alignment ribbon you can see a thickness control box that is set to two however it is read only.

If you right-click on the crossed out text and select properties then go to the Appearance tab there are no options to change the line thickness.

The user is wanting to increase the width of the crossed out line so that it is more visible.

Does anyone know if this changing the cross out thickness can be enabled?

We are running Nitro, is this something that is resolved in a future version?

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Leslie V.

Hello Matt,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

I opened a support ticket on your behalf so we can assist you directly.

Please let us know here if you're unable to receive any response from us.


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