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My word document disappeared


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guys pleaaase help me !

I wrote an intership rapport, I wanted to convert it to PDF, I clicked on convert and it just disapeared I couldn't find it anywhere in my laptop

wheeere can I find it ! I need your answers ASAP

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Kelvin B. Villarin

Hi @whisper,

Thanks for posting on our community forums!

May I know which file disappeared? Did you save the MS Word file before the conversion? Did the conversion push through and were you able to save the PDF (I'm assuming you used Nitro Pro)? Was there any error message? 

Here are my suggestions:
1. Open MS Word > File tab> Open > Recent Documents > once you have found the file, try to convert again and save after conversion. 

2. Open Nitro Pro > File tab> Open > Recent Documents  > look for the converted file 

I hope this helps!

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