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Add a "log in" / "sign in" button in navigation bar of marketing website.



This is pretty standard among companies that provide a web app - my company and most all tools I use included. It's super annoying to search "Nitro Cloud" in google, click the first search result (taking me to the marketing website) and not have the ability to log into the app from there. Your log in button should be right at the top right of the webpage for your online users - look at zendesk, amazon, google, salesforce, etcetera..  

Right now the marketing website is a dead end for users...bear with me here, but this is the best metaphor I can think of: it would be like me walking in the front entrance of a gym I am a member of, only to be told to sit down in the waiting room to look at all the pretty workout booklets the gym carries. I came here to work out, so let me in to use the machines taht you are advertising to me...don't tell me I need to enter the gym via some unlisted side entrance in order to use those machines I pay a monthly membership to access. The place where this metaphor breaks down is in the "telling" part - no one is telling me on your website that as a member I have to use a different entrance...I had to find that out for myself after a frustrating 15 minutes of saying "how the heck does this work?"

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