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Copy Comb in Form Fields

Danjay Deonarain

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Danjay Deonarain


I have a form that I've set up with fillable text fields, some of which have combs set.  When I copy the fields to another pdf document, the number of characters set in the comb fields do not appear in the new document.  Is there any way to copy this without having to manually reset the comb in each field in the new document?

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Leslie Villarin

Hello @Danjay,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

Unfortunately, the comb settings cannot be copied over to another file. The setting can only be copied within the same file. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

For Product Improvement suggestions, you may head to this page to list your suggestions: https://community.gonitro.com/forum/12-product-improvement/

Our developers look to that page for possible feature additions for our future releases.


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