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Has anyone had any luck at all with customer service? I've had issues with this product from day one and each time I send in a "ticket" I receive an e-mail that requests further information, which I then send to them but never receive a resolution. On top of that, although I paid for the "Software Assurance" and have a receipt for it, they respond to my ticket with this e-mail:

Thank you for contacting Nitro Support. Your case # xxxxxxx has been received and will be placed in a standard queue. As a user with no active Software Assurance, you will receive our response as time permits, within the order your request was received.

Anyone else having similar issues?


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Mario Kevesic

Hi Melinda,

Thank you for participating in our Community Forum! 

Our deepest apologies for the negative experience with Customer Support you've had so far. I noticed that your Software Assurance did not get attached to your account but I've fixed this and going forward you should automatically receive Premium Support. 

I've also noticed that you have an open case with one of our Support Representatives. I suggest to continue working with him and I will ensure he's aware of the fact that you're entitled to our Premium Support. 


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I joined this new company and have been boasting about Nitro Pro and how it can help our business be more efficient, because I had used it in a previous job. Over the past 6 months I have requested 6 call backs through their website but absolutely no one called me to date. This is incredibly embarrassing for me because the Directors have approved the software to purchase but wanted to check a few finer details of the cost and package. I am unable to speak to a single person at Nitro and we are very close to dropping Nitro altogether and opting for Adobe instead!! What on earth is going on?? Why is it so hard to talk to Sales????????

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