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How to re-arrange string objects


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Does Nitro have a function to combine 3 separate string objects into 1 new object, preserving the layout?
The right selection in the attached sample should end up in the format of the left selection.
The purpose of such a feature would be to rearrange mis-ordered string objects after OCR scans.

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Steven Zakulec

All of the supported Javascript functions are listed in the Nitro 11 User's Guide, and the online version of that covers that here: http://guide.gonitro.com/categories/javascript/

and here: http://guide.gonitro.com/categories/javascript-objects/

Sorry I can't be of more help- if you don't see any particular function listed or described that looks promising, try re-using any samples that mention Acrobat- there's a fairly good chance they'll work.

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May be there is a Java-programmable solution, but I was looking for a menu-level function to combine string objects.
To clarify it, see how it is done in Foxit PhantomPDF 8.3, German version (I am not affiliated to that company). The
function is placed on the "Bearbeiten" ribbon and is called "Text zusammenführen und Unterschneidung entfernen".

This is exactly what I was looking for. See the following example (before/after):

How would I achieve this in Nitro? Annoying letter-by-letter productions are not a rare case.
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