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How come Nitro Pro does not have live support. Are they just too cheap or don't have money to support it? I lost my software and emailed them for help to download again and they said it could take a few days. That is the worst support i have ever heard of. Anyone have ideas as to how to get their attention?

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Kelvin B. Villarin


Thanks for posting on our community forums!

I see you were able to submit several tickets with the same concern (dated July 28th). I merged them to avoid any confusion and responded on that same day (your active ticket is 120183). Please check your inbox and check our response that contains your serial number (it is ready for reactivation) and installation files. 

Please note that we prefer the use of a ticketing system, as it allows us to transfer files, screenshots and hyperlinks in our responses.

It also affords us the ability to thoroughly investigate issues without the need for our customers to sit on hold, or in a queue.

I hope this helps.

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