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Hand tool fusion with Selection


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Dear reader,

I have migrated from Adobe to Nitro Pro, and I'm doing my best to adapt to this new environment. One thing that I find difficult is the fact that I cannot use pure Hand tool. Instead, when I click on the so-called Main (Ctrl-H) it does indeed allow me to drag the page up and down, but it also changes spontaneously to the Selection tool, as soon as it is above editable text. Once I move the mouse to regions where there is no more text, again it changes back to Hand tool. Is it possible to avoid this type of behavior? Just leave the Hand tool with only one functionality, without changing by itself into Select text.

Thank you 

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Steven Zakulec

I believe you can do this- go to File, Preferences, General.

Under the Basic tools section, uncheck the box for "Hand tool can select text and images".

If this isn't it, please tell me.

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