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Dynamic Stamps

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Is it possible to create a dynamic stamp with check boxes, signature, and date?

Also, when I create a stamp it seems to extend far beyond my border. It looks like it is 8.5" x 11". I would like the stamp to be the actual size of the pdf it is created from.

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Steven Zakulec

You can do some of this- any stamp you create can include name, date, and time, and you could include an image as part of your stamp with a signature and a check box.

There's a size section when you go to create the stamp, and it does seem to be set rather large by default- you'll want to play with the sizes to see what works best for you.

There's no checkmark stamp so you'll have to create your own or use the existing checkbox form field.


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Hi Steven

Until today I was able to use a custom stamp to approve invoices.  (See below - looks better in real life).  Use MS Word to create the layout and save it as pdf. Custom margins.

However, today the stamp won't work. Tried to save a new one based on same template, tried to save a new template and create a new pdf - all  no go.

Any ideas?

Thanks you.





Payment Approved




Please pay from


1.       Client’s account


2.       Office account


3.       Remediation budget








Date:- _______________




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