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Free Upgrade with Software Assurance

Hector Chaidez

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Hector Chaidez

Hi Support. I bought the software assurance cleverbridge # 102426145, serial (truncated # 234601-448347-******). I am looking for my free upgrade to version 11. My version 10 freezes all the time. It's a headache. I've submitted several tickets but your support ticket doesn't go through. I've attached a screen shot showing it just stays in this position but it does not go through. I tried calling and nothing.

Please reach out to me. My email: workebox@yahoo.com. I really need this free upgrade. it's a pain to work with a program that freezes all the time.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Hector,

Thank you for your message – I’m happy to assist you.

To upgrade to version 11, please proceed to the following web page,


Enter your serial number and follow the prompts to receive a new Nitro Pro 11 serial key and installation files. The upgrade page will show a $0 as the upgrade price if you have an existing Software Assurance subscription.

Also, if you need immediate help in the future, especially if it requires giving us your serial key or other confidential information, you can log a ticket using the following link.



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